Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Names

I have decided, for the purposes of this blog, to give my best people new names.  Except Tom.  He is one of my best people, but he does get to keep his unpretentious, simple, strong, masculine name, just because it's so common, and it suits him so perfectly.  My purpose in hiding the kids' names has always only to protect their privacy if anyone were ever to read the blog.  =P

So here are my (new) children!  In order of birth:

Dominic, or Dom
Beatriz, or Bea
Reed, and

Aren't they nice names?!  Ivy has always been L in previous posts, Dominic has been D, Beatriz has been B and Reed, R.  Very awkward all around, so I'm ridiculously thrilled with this new plan.  (Ridiculous being the operative word...) 

And I will remain your faithful friend, All Bark. 

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