Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mindless Blather, Then Something Good Springs Forth!

Just poking my head in to say hi!  The excitement of the day is L's Grade IV Cecchetti exam.  She and her friends have been working all year to get ready for it, and today is the big day!

No great thoughts roaming around the vast emptiness of my cranium these days, but I'm lonely for Small Dog, so I wanted to post something.  I had an opportunity to substitute teach L's literature class on Friday, which was a gas.  I love the literature, although I'm woefully undereducated to take on teaching literature regularly.  I am, however, considering and being considered for the illustrious position of High School Physics teacher next year.  The government would say I am also woefully undereducated for that position too, but I feel pretty confident I could do that.  I had four terms of physics at the University of Michigan back in my youth, and I think it will all come back to me once I begin to plumb the depths of this high school physics book.

Oh what is wrong with me???  That's all I got!  When, o when, have I ever had so little to say about nothing?  I can usually come up with at least 1000 words before I even get to any semblance of a point.  I'm losing my touch, I tell you!

I'll go take my vitamins and have more later!


It's later now.  L and her friends successfully navigated their exam and are still basking in the glow.  Woo hoo! Good for them.

T will come back from Colorado tonight.  R spent the day with his old friend and I'll pick him up after the MSU game.  B decided to stay in Ann Arbor this summer, work at Ceva and participate in a Leadership Training program her Christian fellowship is offering.  D made it to Florida for Crusade's winter retreat at PCB, driving through a stormy night apparently. So all's well.

Here's my mindless dilemma.  I love my Small Dog blog, but I'm finding more to say in my Happy Moments blog, which has a pathetically stale and stupid name (but a very pretty background).  That explains why I'm blathering about nothing today here.  When I'm committed to writing in Happy Moments every day, no matter how briefly, it gets all the good stuff.

So somehow I need to find Small Dog a more defined purpose.  It started out as a receptacle for larger, more prodigious thoughts, but sadly, those are in short supply these days.  What to do?


So, I closed up shop here with that question, What to do?  And went about my business.  It came to me that if I'm committed to selecting the happy moment of the day and recording it in the Happy Moment blog, I wonder what would happen if I committed to choosing a verse for the day and recording it in Small Dog.  I may have to call out the snooze patrol, but what will it hurt for one month?  Just a one month trial.  Let's do it!

The verse for today came from Hosea 14:4 (KJV):
               I will heal their backsliding,
                     I will love them freely:
                           for mine anger is turned away from him.

Oh Lord, will You heal my backsliding?  Do You love me freely?  You do.  I know You do.  How my life would change if I could believe that entirely.  I want to live in Your love!

Good thing we still have the King James Version around!  I read the verse initially this afternoon in my Charles Spurgeon devotional, and clearly he used the KJV.  The NASB and the ESV both use the arcane and heartless word, "apostasy" for "backsliding."  Let me tell you, I know backsliding. The word "apostasy" leaves me muddled in my head (more muddled than usual, that is).  I always thought apostasy was reserved for rebellious Catholics, so the whole verse would have left me cold if I'd read it out of my Bible. 

So today I am encouraged to approach His throne of grace with confidence, because He will heal my backsliding and love me freely. 

That wasn't too bad for a first step in Small Dog's new direction, now was it?

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