Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Oh, it's so good to be back, to reacquaint myself with my sweet little blog. I found a draft of a post that I never published from back in March 2009 called "My Back-Pocket Happy." I reread it and hit the publish button because it expresses just what I feel now – just so happy to have this little corner to express myself, so publicly and privately at the same time.

By now I've lost any quasi-followers I ever had, and oddly, that feels just fine because they were mostly people who knew me in the flesh and blood. For the moment I'm happy to not have an audience.

So, you wanna hear the most oddly romantic thing? We bought a new mattress earlier this week. We had purchased our old one just days before our wedding back in 1989, and we celebrated our 20th anniversary in March. While I was still completely comfortable on it, T was not and had not been comfortable for more than a year. Sure enough, without its bedclothes, that mattress sagged and drooped in ways it didn't when the marriage was new. (Come to think of it, without our clothes T and I are now doing the same thing…sagging and drooping.) So it was time. We bit the bullet and laid out the dough for this veritable mountain of a bed. We now refer to going to bed as ascending the heights or climbing Mt. Hood.

We had a few moments of melancholy seeing that old bed go. Lots of good things happened there, not to be too graphic. But as long as I've already gone there…three of the four kids were conceived on that bed. :P And a different three of the four spent many, many a night there snuggled between us. We have great memories of staying up too late on a regular basis watching old Star Trek reruns on the 13" black and white TV that lived on our dresser back in the old days. We were annoyed when that time slot switched over to The Next Generation Star Trek series, but it didn't take long before we decided that Data , Captain Picard and Commander Riker were even more fun than Captain Kirk and Spock.

But still, how does this translate into romantic? Well, c'mon. What an indisputable vote of confidence in the longevity of our marriage. I mean, that first mattress lasted twenty years, and T has now laid out an outrageous sum to invest in the next twenty. How unintentionally, incredibly sweet! I don't remember that we did much to celebrate our 20th anniversary. I think we were nervous about spending any money, so we tentatively postponed any major celebration to our 21st year, while visions of Fiji danced in our heads. But I don't think he could have bought me anything that would have said "I love you" more convincingly than this.

Well, that's about as deep and penetrating as my thoughts have been these past days. But oh, I am so happy to be back blogging. I'll be back again soon!

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