Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wonder of Being Type-B

What is lonelier than an unattended blog? So I hate for this brand new blog to go without a new post for too long. Can't set that precedent so early. And even though my intention was never that this blog be overly personal, I am going to post a somewhat personal entry only because I have complete confidence that my reading audience at this point is in the zero to negative range. And if someday I'm ever lucky enough to garner a small coterie of cyber-friends, by then this will be buried deep in the archives! :)

And one thing I must also say at the outset: regarding this particular topic, I am most definitely not a "small dog in tall weeds." I am the premier expert of the world. A very tall dog on the top of a rather tall hill standing in very short grass.

My credentials are thus: a classic type-A person married to an extreme type-B for over 20 years. So I have had time and opportunity to meditate on why this precious type-B person is so good for me.

I have learned the value of spending money on fun. I have learned the joy of sleeping until 10 on a Saturday and then going out to breakfast. Of choosing the late service for Sunday church only because it means we don't have to get to bed on time on Saturday night and can start the movie at 11 p.m. I have learned that the grocery store is filled with really wild and crazy options, none of which would ever make a grocery list, and not all of which end up being that fun to eat, but you don't know unless you try, right? And that remote control boats, although pricey, make for very fun vacations. I have learned that nothing too bad happens if the Christmas lights are still up on Easter. And that it is actually humanly possible to take a nap right after breakfast.

From my perspective, if a place is worth getting to, it's worth getting to faster. My fine fellow, on the other hand, has perfected the art of ambling. After all, there's a lot to notice on the way. Definitely people to talk to. And who knows, maybe we'll change our minds about where we're going anyway.

Fun is fine, but too much just gets boring is my take on things. Give me good solid work. Something to sink my teeth into, something to produce. And please let it not be housework. Hence this blog. Hence the websites I'm working to create. And as the demands of my family grow less and less, I'm feeling driven to situate myself in such a way that I can be a producing member of society. I don't know if I'll ever produce any money, but doggonnit, I'm determined to produce something. I'm desperate to produce something.

But living with my favorite type-B has softened my edges. (On the other hand, I don't think I've in the least taken the edge off his type-B-ness -- he is the most determined type-B I've ever known.) He has slowed me down. Maybe extended my life. He provides a little balance.

I say all this in order to remind myself of these truths after a particularly harrowing weekend of naps, snacks, TV, and more naps. All capped off with a long soak in the hot tub. But hey, maybe we'll give our neighbors something to talk about by turning those Christmas lights on for Easter.

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  1. Ah, I've found this and am delighted that I did. You had me giggling the whole way through!

    Living in an apartment with six girls, and only one of them being type-A has been quite the social experiment. I'm still trying to figure myself out. I guess I'm type-B, but then sometimes I think I am type-A, but then no... I don't want to do my work, just play... but then I do feel terrible about myself when I'm not up and productive by at least 9 AM... but look at me now, it is 12:30 on a Sunday morning/afternoon and I am laying in bed still in my pj's, haven't even put a bra on yet, and I am reading blogs... and feel terribly guilty about it! La dee da!